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Diffuser Set

Diffuser reeds placed in a bottle look great and scent a room with ease.  Our reeds are straight cut for a beautiful display. These reeds are rattan and not bamboo. Rattan reeds are the premium type of reed and work far superior to bamboo.  

DPG, or dipropylene glycol, is used to slow the evaporation of the fragrance oil used in the bottle.   Just add approximately 2 oz. (or half the bottle) of the fragrance mixture to the diffuser bottle then place the reeds in the bottle.  For a stronger, faster scent turn the reeds upside down in the bottle every 6 hrs. until desired scent "intensity" is achieved.

This should give you a month or more of room fragrance.  When scent begins to fade dispose of the used fragrance mixture and replace with a fresh 2 oz. of scent.  You may order replacement scent mixtures and reeds from our site.
Set includes 4 oz. bottle of fragrance mixture, apothecary bottle & 12 reeds.

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